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n Kolding
Thomas Lund
Luiza Maia


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User research
User experience design
User interface design
Brand identity
App and Website design


Construction workers face the risk of occupational hearing loss due to daily exposure to loud noise (75dB). However, with the development of new technologies, there is potential for better hearing protection. Through a collaboration with Genelec, Luiza Maia, Thomas Lund, and Designskolen Kolding, we have created innovative concepts to address this issue.

My primary responsibilities included UX research and UX & UI design for both the app and website.



After conducting market research (NDA), I identified the construction industry as a key target for hearing protection. As a designer, I analyzed existing products in the market and compared data to inform my next steps. By focusing on the needs of construction workers, who often work in noisy environments, I aimed to create a product that would effectively protect their hearing.

User Flow(Mobile) Copy.png


I conducted interviews with 5 construction workers and 3 managers (NDA), identifying key pain points in their work environment. The most commonly shared concerns were the high levels of noise which hindered communication, leading to the need for workers to shout at each other. Additionally, many workers turned up the volume of their music to maximum levels due to the excessive noise.



As part of the design process, I developed and tested various concepts and user flows. One of the ideas I explored was to display a notification card on the lock screen when the user is exposed to noise levels over 65dB. Quick notification is critical in preventing potential hearing damage, so the navigation and layout were designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

iOS 11 Icon Template-06.jpg
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I developed multiple prototypes for the app's concepts and navigations and conducted usability testing with a sample of three users. Based on user feedback, I made improvements to the color palette and button size. I increased the contrast in response to user feedback that it was difficult to distinguish elements in daylight conditions.


To enhance the visual appeal of the project, I collaborated with a graphic designer to refine the brand identity.

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