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Client & Collaborations: 
Designskolen Kolding
Bryce Duyvewaardt
Ninon Lê Van
Morten Elsborg
Sara Dalsager



A game set

Play concept
Tangible products
Communication design


The Danish language is known to be quite a difficult one for foreigners in terms of pronunciation. But many Danish children also struggle with their mother tongue. Sprogeriet, our client, looked for a new concept where children can develop their pronunciation through playing games. 

My main role here was communication design, which means I did the graphic design, illustrations, videography and editing.

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 12.23.09.png

The Process: 


1- Understanding the requirements:

We talked with the client together in order to understand their requirements. Then, we went to a local kindergarten to observe how children from ages 3 - 5 play. We also conducted surveys and interviews with a few kindergarten teachers and speech therapists.


 2- Concept development, rapid prototyping and user testing:

Then, we developed different concepts and turned concepts into tangible prototypes. We tested a few options with the children in kindergarten. (due to GDPR consent, the user testing video is private)


3- Development and production:

Using the collected data, we decided to finalise our product and design a proposal. We filmed a promotional video that explained how the game concept worked. We have made the product and tested it with children. 

draft one.jpg
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