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Client & Collaborations: 
Shortcut A/S
Politiet Norge




User experience reserach
User experience design
User interface design

I proposed this UX and UI concept to Politiet Norge through Shortcut AS, as they were seeking an app solution to reduce incidents of night time and weekend rape crimes.

The Process:

1- The brief

The stakeholders provided the problem of rape crimes and asked for an app design solution. 

2- User Research

I conducted a series of quick user interviews with a diverse group of individuals, including a parent with three children, a police officer, and a woman. Through these interviews, I identified a key insight: the current notification system for emergency situations was inadequate. For instance, the police officer mentioned that a stronger vibration signal that could penetrate their thick jeans would be more effective. The parent I spoke to suggested that it would be useful for their phone to automatically switch to an emergency mode, even if it was set to silent. Based on these insights, I developed a new notification feature to address these user needs.

3 - Competitor Analysis and Market Research

Given the time constraint, I conducted a brief market research to gain an understanding of how other products are addressing the same problems. To do this, I categorized the existing apps and systems into two groups: useful or useless, and accessible or inaccessible. Additionally, I identified some key features that could be improved upon. Through this research, I gained valuable insights into the current landscape and was able to identify opportunities to differentiate our product from the competition. During my market research, I discovered that there were some apps catering specifically to people who go out at night, particularly on weekends. These apps were designed to address specific needs and preferences of users in these situations, such as finding nearby places to go out or arranging transportation.

4 - Rapid prototyping and user testing

After analyzing the features available in the market, I created a prototype for our product and tested it with five users. Additionally, I conducted rapid usability testing with 15 users to collect heatmap data on where users clicked when faced with a sense of urgency on the locked screen. Through these tests, I was able to gain valuable insights into how users interact with our product and identify areas for improvement. These insights helped to refine our product and ensure that it meets the needs of our users. During the rapid usability testing, I found that the SOS button was not users' first choice to click when faced with a sense of emergency. This insight highlights the importance of understanding user behavior and preferences in designing effective solutions for emergency situations. Based on this feedback, we iterated on the design to ensure that the most intuitive and accessible options are available in times of need.

5 - Proposal

I presented the entire design process, including the market research, user testing, and iterations, to the stakeholders. I also shared the key findings and insights from each stage of the process.

Most app focused on public safety and emergency

Shortcut AS_Oct 11.015.jpeg

But not for night time or weekends

Shortcut AS_Oct 11.016.jpeg

Moods and Style guide

Shortcut AS_Oct 11.034.jpeg
Shortcut AS_Oct 11.035.jpeg

User flows and interactions


Gestures and vibration for emergency


Shortcut AS_Oct 11.040.jpeg

Future improvement

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