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I'm a Digital Product Designer

I design interactions, products and services with a fascination for human behaviour and a love of problem-solving. Currently, I'm working at Stibo Systems.


Selected Design Works

Creative Work Samples on Social Media


I'm a Digital Product Designer with unique creative and analytical skills. I have a research background in Human-Computer Interaction.


With 10 years of design experience, I specialize in product design, data management, advertising, multimedia, and AI/machine learning, encompassing the entire product development process.

As an orchestral flutist for 20 years, I leverage my musical background to initiate and organize effectively, connecting user experience with music activities. 3 years of commercial photography I further enhanced my observational skills. Having lived in 9 countries, I'm culturally adept and multilingual (🇭🇰🇮🇪🇬🇧🇳🇿🇩🇪🇩🇰🇳🇴🇫🇷🇯🇵), shaping me into an empathetic UX designer and researcher.


2023 - present

Design Teacher and Mentor

Since 2023, my focus has been on sharing design knowledge and supporting aspiring designers in their early careers within the design and tech industry. I dedicate my time as a mentor at ADPlist and a teacher at ReDi School. It brings me great satisfaction to contribute value and enhance the lives of others.

2018 - present

UX Designer / Researcher

Since 2018, I have published research papers focused on Human-Computer Interaction and actively participated in conferences. I have successfully assisted scale-ups and startups in developing user-friendly digital products, prioritizing seamless customer experiences. My contributions include designing and driving the launch of B2C and B2B products.

2017 - present

UX & UI Design Consultant

I obtained a professional master's degree in design from the Design School of Kolding and received training as a design consultant. Throughout my career, I have worked with esteemed consultancy agencies such as Designit, DSCL, and ThinkCol. In these roles, I have successfully assisted customers in leveraging their brands through innovative B2B solutions.

2013 - 2017

Multimedia Designer / Photographer

I initiated my design career at Akademie für Kommunikationsdesign Köln in Cologne. Since then, I have crafted visual communication materials for clients while gaining significant experience at a Dublin-based advertising agency. By employing a creative approach, I have successfully assisted numerous clients in brand promotion. Notably, I collaborated with Ventura Design, Eiratech, Arnotts, and other esteemed clients. Furthermore, I received recognition in the Irish Graduate Design Awards in 2017.

2001 - 2011; 2021 - present

Orchestral Flautist

My music career started at a young age, and I have had the privilege of performing with various orchestras and wind bands throughout Eurasia. These include renowned ensembles such as the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, HK Wind Philharmonic Orchestra, L'Orchestre de Jeunes de Lyon, Hamburger Konservatorium Orchestra, and many others. I was trained in a few music conservatories, such as the Conservatoire de Lyon and the Hamburger Konservatorium.

Currently, I'm playing in Harmoniorkestret TONICA.

Get in Touch

I am open to new opportunities and freelance work. Feel free to reach out. We can make great things together.

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